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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Make Money Scams Don't Work? No - You Don't

Are Make Money Scams Your Fault?

Make money failure?


If you toss a coin 100 times and it comes down
heads 99 times, does that prove that it is a two-
headed coin?

Match Your Abilities


You have heard that if you invent a better
mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.

Imagine that you sell your invention together with
full manufacturing and selling rights to 100
people. One make money purchaser is soon a
millionaire because of your invention. The other
99 people clamor for their money back. It didn't
make money for them therefore it must be a scam.

They must be right. As with the coin toss 99
times out of 100 proves that it is a scam and
nobody can make money.

My Failures


Inkjets: I bought a kit to make money
by refilling inkjet cartridges. I had big plans
about expanding my business once it could make
money big time. I would set up a van, and drive
round the country businesses in Western Australia,
and make money refilling their cartridges each

Or I might even be able to drive into the
parking lot of some local manufacturers who had
hundreds of inkjet printers operating, and refill
a couple of hundred cartridges before driving on
again. Think how I could make money then!

My main abilities are technical, which suited
refilling the cartridges.

My main lack of ability is in salesmanship. The
business failed. I only made a few hundred dollars
out of it over a period of several years.

Was the idea a scam? No. I am a bad salesman.
Others do make money this way, and very good money

Translation: Next I bought a make money idea to
become a translator. This was great. I sailed
through my translator's exams and joined two
professional organizations.

But the work didn't come in. I didn't make money.

It turns out that not all translation is equal to
make money. If you can translate from English into
the language of a new third-world market that
manufacturers want to open up you can make money -
large dollops of it. The manufacturers are happy
to help you to make money so that they can make
money in larger quantities.

However, if you translate into English as I do,
then the manufacturers are in the third-world
countries. That means that they can't afford
quality translators. They will always go for the
cheapest work from their own country where slave-
labor fees are charged. It doesn't matter that
English is not the native language of the
translator. The manufacturer can't afford to help
you make money by going for quality.

I only made money of a few thousand dollars over
two years.

Make Money Scams


Of course, there are make money scams like the one
about getting money out of Nigeria. You can often
recognize this type of scam by

1.If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

2.Money making scam merchants like it to be barely
legal. That way you won't want to complain about
them to the authorities.

3.No work needed. If it needs no work to make
money, why do they want your help?

Make Money from Services


In the examples I gave above I was trying to use
my services to make money.

You will almost always make some money - even if
you are a hopeless salesperson. The only trouble
is that you may make money that is too little to
interest the tax man. It is embarrassing when the
tax man returns your money with the comment that
it is a hobby not a business to make money!

But suppose that you are a brilliant salesperson.
In that case can't you find better ways to make
money than working hard? OK suppose you are a
mediocre salesperson. You have found a service
where word of mouth soon brings you so much work
that there aren't enough hours in the day for it.

That is the big problem. Why do you want to make
money? To get freedom? Then why are you working 70
hours a week on your business to make money? What
kind of freedom is that?

One way is to sell the business for a large sum of
money and then build another, and sell that to
make money.

Automated Income


This is the best way to make money. You don't make
money with no work. It takes a lot of hard work to
set up the automation. But it is cumulative like a
rolled snowball. The hard work you do today will
make money for you tomorrow and next year and...

Grasp Opportunity


I had the chance recently to buy into a business
that needs my technical abilities and needs no
salesmanship to make money. I grabbed the chance.
You can't get in - the offer was only open for 24
hours. If you are too skeptical then when
opportunity knocks you will miss your chance to
make money. Fortunately I already had experience
of working with the vendor, so my skepticism was

How To Match Your Abilities With the Opportunity


It's only logical. If you want to match the
opportunity to your abilities you want to have as
many opportunities to choose from as possible. So
I've gathered a range of articles by many authors.

Don't be brainwashed by just one author, but
please, don't ask for a refund just because a way
to make money doesn't work for you. Unless it is a
scam like the one about helping to get hundreds of
millions of dollars out of Nigeria then the fault
is probably your own.

One man who became filthy rich from the internet
says that he expects 15 out of 16 of his projects
to fail. He starts banking his ongoing income from
the sixteenth project, then moves on to the next

Ian McAllister wins some and loses some but is always looking for new ways to make money. Visit his new site packed with ideas to make money.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

How To Raise Money to Start Business and Where to Get Money for Business

The common questions for anyone who want to start business are: How to raise money to start business, and where to get money for my business?

To raise money to start business is not as difficult as most people seem to think. This is especially true when you have an idea that can make you and your backers rich. Actually, there's more money available for new business ventures than there are good business ideas. We will help you for where you can get money for business.

A very important rule of the game to learn: Any time you want to raise money, your first move should be to put together a proper prospectus.

This prospectus should include a resume of your background, your education, training, experience and any other personal qualities that might be counted as an asset to your potential success. It's also a good idea to list the various loans you've had in the past, what they were for, and your history in paying them off.

You'll have to explain in detail how the money you want is going to be used. If it's for an existing business, you'll need a profit and loss record for at least the preceding six months, and a plan showing how this additional money will produce greater profits. If it's a new business, you'll have to show your proposed business plan, your marketing research and projected costs, as well as anticipated income figures, with a summary for each year, over at least a three year period.

It'll be advantageous to you to base your cost estimates high, and your income projections on minimal returns. This will enable you to "ride through" those extreme "ups and downs" inherent in any beginning business. You should also describe what makes your business unique---how it differs form your competition and the opportunities for expansion or secondary products.

This prospectus will have to state precisely what you're offering the investor in return for the use of his money. He'll want to know the percentage of interest you're willing to pay, and whether monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. Are you offering a certain percentage of the profits? A percentage of the business? A seat on your board of directories?

An investor uses his money to make more money. He wants to make as much as he can, regardless whether it's short term or long term deal. In order to attract him, interest him, and persuade him to "put up" the money you need, you'll not only have to offer him an opportunity for big profits, but you'll have to spell it out in detail, and further, back up your claims with proof from your marketing research.

Venture investors are usually quite familiar with "high risk" proposals, yet they all want to minimize that risk as much as possible. Therefore, your prospectus should include a listing of your business and personal assets with documentation---usually copies of your tax returns for the past three years or more. Your prospective investor may not know anything about you or your business, but if he wants to know, he can pick up his telephone and know everything there is to know within 24 hours. The point here is, don't ever try to "con" a potential investor. Be honest with him. Lay all the facts on the table for him. In most cases, if you've got a good idea and you've done your homework properly, and "interested investor" will understand your position and offer more help than you dared to ask.

When you have your prospectus prepared, know how much money you want, exactly how it will be used, and how you intend to repay it, you're ready to start looking for investors.

As simple as it seems, one of the easiest ways of raising money is by advertising in a newspaper or a national publication featuring such ads. Your ad should state the amount of money you want--always ask for more money than you have room for negotiating. Your ad should also state the type of business involved ( to separate the curious from the truly interested), and the kind of return you're promising on the investment.

Take a page from the party plan merchandisers. Set up a party and invite your friends over. Explain your business plan, the profit potential, and how much you need. Give them each a copy of your prospectus and ask that they pledge a thousand dollars as a non-participating partner in your business. Check with the current tax regulations. You may be allowed up to 25 partners in Sub Chapter S enterprises, opening the door for anyone to gather a group of friends around himself with something to offer them in return for their assistance in capitalizing his business.

You can also issue and sell up to $300,000 worth of stock in your company without going through the Federal Trade Commission. You'll need the help of an attorney to do this, however, and of course a good tax accountant as well wouldn't hurt.

It's always a good idea to have an attorney and an accountant help you make up your business prospectus. As you explain your plan to them, and ask for their advice, casually ask them if they'd mind letting you know of, or steer your way any potential investors they might happen to meet. Do the same with your banker. Give him a copy of your prospectus and ask him if he'd look it over and offer any suggestions for improving it, and of course, let you know of any potential investors. In either case, it's always a good idea to let them know you're willing to pay a "finder's fee" if you can be directed to the right investor.

Professional people such as doctors and dentists are known to have a tendency to join occupational investment groups. The next time you talk with your doctor or dentist, give him a prospectus and explain your plan. He may want to invest on his own or perhaps set up an appointment for you to talk with the manager of his investment group. Either way, you win because when you're looking for money, it's essential that you get the word out as many potential investors as possible.

Don't overlook the possibilities of the Small Business Investment Companies in your area. Look them up in your telephone book under "Investment Services." These companies exist for the sole purpose of lending money to businesses which they feel have a good chance of making money. In many instances, they trade their help for a small interest in your company.

Many states have Business Development Commissions whose goal is to assist in the establishment and growth of new businesses. Not only do they offer favorable taxes and business expertise, most also offer money or facilities to help a new business get started. Your Chamber of Commerce is the place to check for further information of this idea.

Industrial banks are usually much more amenable to making business loans than regular banks, so be sure to check out these institutions in your area. insurance companies are prime sources of long term business capital, but each company varies its policies regarding the type of business it will consider. Check your local agent for the name and address of the person to contact. It's also quite possible to get the directories of another company to invest in your business. Look for a company that can benefit from your product or service. Also, be sure to check at your public library for available foundation grants. These can be the final answer to all your money needs if your business is perceived to be related to the objectives and activities of the foundation.

Finally, there's the Money broker or Finder. These are the people who take your prospectus and circulate it with various known lenders or investors. They always require an up-front or retainer fee, and there's no way they can guarantee to get you the loan or the money you want.

There are many very good money brokers, and there are some that are not so good. They all take a percentage of the gross amount that's finally procured for your needs. The important thing is to check them out fully; find out about the successful loans or investment plans they're arranged, and what kind of investor contacts they have---all of this before you put up any front money or pay any retainer fees.

There are many ways to raise money---from staging garage sales to selling stocks. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the only place you can find the money you need is through the bank or finance company.

Start thinking about the idea of inviting investors to share in your business as silent partners. Think about the idea of obtaining financing for a primary business by arranging financing for another business that will support the start-up, establishment and developing of the primary business. Consider the feasibility of merging with a company that's already organized, and with facilities that are compatible or related to your needs. Give some thought to the possibilities of getting the people supplying your production equipment to co-sign the loan you need for start-up capital.

Remember, there are thousands upon thousands of ways to obtain business start-up capital. This is truly the age of creative financing.

Disregard the stories you hear of "tight money," and start making phone calls, talking to people, and making appointments to discuss your plans with the people who have money invest. There's more money now than there's ever been for a new business investment. The problem is that most beginning "business builders" don't know what to believe or which way to turn for help. They tend to believe the stories of "tight money," and they set aside their plans for a business of their own until a time when start-up money might be easier to find.

The truth is this: Now is the time to make your move. Now is the time to act. the person with a truly viable business plan, and determination to succeed, will make use of every possible idea that can be imagined. And the ideas I've suggested here should serve as just a few of the unlimited sources of monetary help available and waiting for you!

Now you should get idea for how to raise money to start business, how to get money for business, and where to get money for my business.

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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Right Attitudes To Become Rich

Have you ever imagined what will happen to you in the next 5 years if you keep on doing what you are doing right now? Do you think you are going to get better or worse? If you work hard everyday to get paid and you think you are going to work even harder in a few years to come, do you think you are going to achieve what you aim in life?

I have been thinking of this question for the past few months and I know that we were taught that job security is important in life, therefore, we studied hard during our school time and we went to college so that we can get a stable, well-paid job!

Have you ever thought that if we keep on doing what we have been doing for the past donkey's years, are our lives going to change?

Therefore, today I am going to tell a few shocking attitudes that rich people have,

1) Rich people take calculated risk and they prefer opportunity rather than security! They venture into anything that can make money although they have to lose their jobs!

2) Rich people believe that action speaks louder than words. They have ideas and they will apply their ideas into money making machine. They do not just talk, talk, and talk......... again, again and again.

3) Rich people like to make friends with all kinds of people because they know the truth that more people you know, more money you will make! They do not stay at home after work and sit in front of TV and spend 1/3 of their lives watching TV or playing computers! They go out and meet people!

4) Rich people accept suggestion and opinion. They know there is always a better choice to make money. They look for ideas and they will turn these ideas into business opportunity!

5) Rich people never complain. They will not give one thousand and one reason why the ideas fail but look harder for better ideas. Poor people complain, complain and have 100 thousand reasons when they fail in anything in their lives!

Dr Henry Goh, is a physician by profession but have vast interest in web design and investment! Visit http://www.young-investors.blogspot.com and [http://www.investing-tip.com]to learn more tips!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Discover Why Over 98% of Online Money Making Systems Fail

Hi my name is Nathan and I have been promoting other peoples products and services online for the past 8 years, just like most of you I have purchase system after system on how to make money online always promising the next quick way to make money online.

So you got the latest course with the latest guaranteed way to make money online, you apply all the techniques as instructed made a few bucks but nothing near to justify the time you spend daily before the computer and away from your family and friends who by now are getting tired of you chasing rainbows and wasting your time on internet seems that never pay off.

Don't give up! You are just another victim of what I call the missing link.

We all know that online money making and working from home is a huge billion dollar industry but what you might not realize is that most people do not by online money making courses and systems.

Now pay attention because you are just about to learn a little known secret as to why they are meant to fail, that's right they are build to not deliver, sure you will make some money but only enough to keep you coming for more. You see the little know secret is 99% of the online money making systems are bought by RECURRING BUYERS, like you.

So why do we keep buying online money making system that fail to deliver? And why is it that they always fail to deliver on the promise?

Actually the astonishing truth is that we keep buying these online money making systems because they fail to deliver on the promise! Just think about it and you'll know that this has to be so.

Online Gurus deliberately leave out one vital ingredient out of every money making system to keep you from making any real money online, don´t get me wrong you will make some money but never so much as to make you financially independent, but only just enough to gain your trust and to keep you interested in the next foolproof money making system.

You see online business is build on trust and this takes a long time to build up and takes a lot of time and effort, simply put no online Guru is going to give you he´s complete money making system for a onetime fee of 48$ or even 97$ if he can keep you coming back for more by feeding you just small pieces off the puzzle. Why kill the cow if you can keep milking it day after day, ok maybe not the best comparison but you get what I mean.

So what is the solution to this dilemma are we just stuck buying money making system after system never getting the complete puzzle and only getting by, never reaching the goal of financial independence? We all know that there are some people that do make a good living online, so we know it can be done.

The problem to the puzzle is also its solution, as you recall the problem lies in the fact that 99% of the online money making systems are bought by RECURRING BUYERS, and that online Gurus are not going to give you access to their complete online money making system for a onetime fee if they can keep you coming for more by leaving out key pieces.

The solution is simply to give them what they want, that is recurring buyers. Those same online Gurus at least the good ones have their own private coaching clubs where they share all of their money making secrets leaving nothing out with a select group of followers.

So if you are serious about making money online your choice is simple either you can keep buying incomplete money making systems or you can join one of these private online money making clubs and finally get access to the gurus proven and most of all complete money making systems.

If you are fundamentally against paying a membership for access to real proven and most off all complete money making systems I can let you in on a little loop hole I recently discovered that will give you full access without paying the monthly fee.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nathan_Combelas